Big Bear riding with Team Liquigas Riders

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This past weekend is going to be the highlight of the year for me.  I was invited to spend a little bit of time with the Cannondale folks up at Big Bear.  The Amgen Tour of California was coming to Big Bear for Stage 6.  We stayed at Edgewood Mansion the place you might remember from my Cannondale CAAD 10 review back in October of 2010.  As always I enjoy hanging out with the Cannondale reps and their supporting cast of traveling demo truck and personnel.  They are really fun people who I have become friends with and not just business partners.

But the highlight highlight (yes twice) was riding with two professional cyclists from the Liquigas pro cycling team.  The riders were Stefano Agostini and Alan Maragoni.  Here are a few pictures.


Cervelo Share the Ride

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Cervelo is offering a fantastic deal to get two riders on two brand new Cervelo bikes!  Check out the details here

Here is the deal….

From now till Jan 31, 2012, bring
a friend to your nearest participating dealer and purchase together to get $2,000
off the total purchase price. That’s $1,000 off each bike! Or you can buy the first
Cervélo and receive a redeemable coupon for the second one.* Because
riding alone is never as fun.


Below is a happy couple with two in-stock Cervelos an S5 and RS!  Come get YOUR Cervelos!!

Park City P2P Race – Here we go!

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Follow our manager – George – today as he embarks on a new adventure – mountain biking!  Here is the link for his SPOT page so you can follow his progress

Get your very own SPOT at Bike Religion

Product Review- Aminopure Newfield Nutrition

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I have reviewed Aminopure from Newfield Nutrition on my personal blog.  Here is an excerpt from my blog post.


In the early part of my season I was suffering from colds every time I increased my mileage over 300 miles for the week.  I was so frustrated because each cold meant at least a week off the bike.   I even missed an early season event, the Hell’s Gate Hundred.  Here is a post I made in between the Hell’s Gate Hundred and the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic.   I had heard of using L-Glutamine as an immune booster but as you know from reading my blog I’m a skeptic 😉


To read the rest of the product review follow this link to George’s Epic Adventure Blog.

Long Endurance Ride Follow Me

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I will be on a long endurance climbing ride.  Follow me on my SPOT GPS Messenger.  Here is the link to the page.  In the short term I am a training for Park City Point to PointSeptember 3 and then the Furnace Creek 508 Oct 7-8.

You can get your SPOT GPS Messenger at Bike Religion.

Cannondale Test Rides – Scalpel 29’er and SuperSix EVO

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I just got back from Dealer Camp held in Park City and Deer Valley.  I rode two fantastic bikes the new full suspension 29’er mountain bike from Cannondale the Scalpel and their new top of the range SuperSix EVO road bike.  I was thoroughly impressed with both bikes and will write an “initial impressions” report as soon as I get caught up from being gone three days in single track paradise.

Cannondale Scalpel 29′er test ride!

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I brought the SPOT with me to Park City Dealer Camp this week.  Today I am trying out a Cannondale Scalpel 29′er.   Follow me here as I test out the new bike on some new ground!

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